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Women Who Never Give-Up (WWNG) is a New Jersey based non-profit organization "Dedicated to Helping Families Get Justice in Our Criminal Justice and Prison System."

Gale Muhammad, the Founder and CEO of WWNG, is well known for her work helping families with loved ones in prison. For the past 15 years Gale has worked tirelessly advocating and lobbying for changes in our criminal justice and prison system. Gale is routinely called on by national organizations, committees of the NJ Legislature, NJ Department of Corrections and the NJ State Parole Board, just to mention a few, to give testimony on a particular issue or bill.

WWNG is a relatively new organization in name only. Our board, officers and members have countless years of experience working on issues such as: Prison Health Care, Prison Conditions, Prisoner Treatment, Prisoner Jobs, Training and Education, Parole Issues, Sentencing Reform – and the list goes on. That’s not to mention all the issues and problems families have to deal with everyday. Having to deal with all these issues creates a tremendous amount of stress on everyone involved.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or if you just feel like talking with someone - we know what it means to have a loved one in prison.

Using your donations to change the lives of our family members.
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"Dedicated to Helping Families Get Justice in Our Criminal Justice &  Prison System"
Women Who Never Give-Up, Inc.
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 Welcome to WWNG.org
 Welcome to WWNG.org